July 16, 2022

Karl Marx’s ”Capital” Vol. 3 (Part 8/10)

In this episode, I cover chapters 41-45 from part six of Karl Marx's "Capital" Vol. 3.

This is the breakdown of each episode:

Episode One: Preface and Part One

Episode Two: Part Two

Episode Three: Part Three and Part Four

Episode Four: Part Five (Chs. 21-26)

Episode Five: Part Five (Chs. 27-31)

Episode Six: Part Five (Chs. 32-36)

Episode Seven: Part Six (Chs. 37-40)

Episode Eight: Part Six (Chs. 41- 45)

Episode Nine: Part Six (Chs. 46-47)

Episode Ten: Part Seven and Supplementary Remarks by Frederick Engels

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